About Us

 I started Mysteek Naturals because like so many other women I was looking for an alternative to the rinses that weren’t giving me the popping color that I so badly wanted yet with the harm chemical and process of using a developer to bleach my hair to get that vibrant color I so badly desired. I started my toothpaste line after learning the color code on the commercial toothpaste I used to use that I realized were chemicals and poisonous to my health. I love to use and be as natural as possible in my life from my hair down to the things I use externally and internally. I have a natural hair community of which I am the founder of. The name is Sistahood of Natural Hair Divas yet it does not excluded or Sistas who relax their hair. We are all one and just have different hair care life styles. I have been on my natural journey since 2010 and I’m not looking back.

Our Mission Statement

“To inspire the world by building self confidence through fashion, health, beauty, performing arts, and self-help to match their natural lives”