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Frequently Asked Questions

Mysteek's Frequently Asked Questions

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Does it come off on your hands?

It’s cream based so does not stain the hands. We recommend using gloves when

Can it transfer to clothing?

Yes it can.

**Note, Don’t let the hair graze the back of light colors shirts/tops to avoid transferring.

Does It Run when you work out?”

If you work out it does not run yet due to the perspiration it could tone down the
vibrancy some. Resolution is to add more later..

Does It Flake?

Does not flake off like chalk nor does it make your hair hard and or dry like other

How many uses can you get from it?

Depends on the active life style, the container, if the hair is constantly touched, if
the hair is covered at night to protect pillowcase, how often the color is used, and
hair length.

Would this work over previously colored hair?


Can colors be mixed?

Most definitely please mix the colors as you so choose.

What are the benefits of using this product versus other permanent dyes or rinses?

All Natural, No Dye, Non-Permanent, No Developer, No Chemicals, No Lift, No bleach, Non-rinse, No pre lighten,Washable hair tint that one can add colors every day without harm to the hair follicles.

How can I get it to stay longer?

Try using a hair gel of your choice in conjunction with the product.

Can I flat Iron My hair with this product?

It is not recommended as this product is wax based. It will change the consistency of the product. However, one may flat iron the hair and then place the product onto the hair once complete. **Note it will not be as vibrant on straight

Does this product work on Locs?

Yes, it does however the customer should not shingle in the product into the hair like hair gel. Rather they should pat the color onto the loc and not press the color into the loc. Pat not press.

Little goes a long way.

How much would I need for my hair?

Depends on desired look. For example, just the tips, the entire head, also depends
on hair length

Does this product grow out or wash out?

This product washes out in one wash session.

Does this product work on relaxed hair?

Yes, it does. However, like with natural hair this product is topical want would not
be as vibrant due to added oils, hair sheens, and such used with relaxing the hair.

Can I twist my hair at night with this product?

Yes, yet with other products you would need to reapply color in conjunction with the twisting and oils. It is then recommended that the customer wears a bonnet to prevent the rubbing off of the color onto pillows.

How long does it last?

3 to 5 days or until wash out.

Note: Mix color around in container before the first use to achieve optimal color intensity.

QnA-Coal white toothpaste


This all-natural brand has a review of containing a wonderful clean and fresh
taste. We offer Spearmint, Peppermint, and Winter Green. On average when using a
dime size with a single user usage this product should last 1 month. Usage varies per
household and person.


Does not contain: Fluoride, SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) free, Artificial Flavors /
Colors, Artificial Sweeteners, Sodium laureth sulfate (surfactant), Propylene Glycol,
Triclosan, Sodium benzoate (synthetic preservative), Potassium sorbate (synthetic
preservative), Sodium hydrogen carbonate (Baking Soda), or Hydrogen Peroxide.


No, but like everything that involves oils we recommend the sink be cleaned after
each use to avoid product build up.

Activated Charcoal, Himalayan Salt, Diatoms, Sodium Montmorillonite (Bentonite),
Cocos Nucifera (Coconut Oil), Syzygium aromaticum (Clove), Melaleuca Oil,

The two whitening agents in our toothpaste are activated charcoal and coconut oil.
The other ingredients which are listed below work in conjunction with the prior
stated ingredients to clean, strengthen the teeth, and give fresh breath.